New Blog Design

As you can clearly tell, I have changed the design of my blog.  I am hoping to use this platform as a more comprehensive website; to share more than just my blog.  I believe that the new design makes this more feasible.  I like the design and hopefully you do to.  As viewership has gone up, I’ve tried to post more and make those posts more relevant.  I am also hoping that this is a way for me to share more about myself.

The blog is no longer on the front page.  The “home” page is now static.  All old blog links should continue to work.

I have also changed the sidebar and bottom columns.  Along with this, I have added a “widget” called “SocialVibe” through which blog viewers can support a cause that I choose for free.  I saw this and thought it to be an easy way to contribute and help out a worthwhile organization.  Currently, I am supporting “To Write Love On Her Arms,” an organization that works against suicide and depression.  I have had several friends involved with their work.  Take a few minutes to give your time.

Also, some posts have ads appearing on them.  As of right now, I have not placed any ads on any posts.  as such, I am not benefiting from these ads and am not encouraging you to click on them.

Zoo Animals @ BABW

Build-A-Bear Workshop is known for their bears and other standard animals (rabbits, dogs, etc.).  Things are more exciting right now (through June 30) as Build-A-Bear is offering zoo animals!

According to MarketWatch, options include:

— Giraffe ($20)

— Tiger ($16)

— Flamingo ($18)

— Leopard ($20)

— Monkey ($18)

— Panda ($16)

— Parrot ($18)

For more information, check out the zoo page online.

They also have a Zooriffic Sweepstakes for a trip to Orlando and are donating some of the sale proceeds to help animals.

Build-A-Bear Internship

This summer, I will be working as the International Business Intern at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  Their World Bearquarters (clever, isn’t it?) is in St. Louis.  I will be working for the Director of International Franchising and Operations and the Director of International Marketing and Product Development.  I’m super excited for this great opportunity.

I have often heard good things about Build-A-Bear and learning from a growing, unique, exciting international company will be a great opportunity.  Throughout the 10 week program, I will likely post updates on the experience/opportunity and related information about the company.

Here are some links related to Build-A-Bear

The Company Website

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My offer letter for my internship with Build-A-Bear came with "Messenger Bearemy". How awesome is that?!? I'm going to like working for this company.