Obama Recognizes Jewish American Heritage Month

On May 27, 2010, President Barack Obama welcome Jewish leaders to The White House to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month.  I did not know, until recently, that such a month existed.  This is pretty cool:

Ellen Signs Greyson Chance

Ellen Degeneres had Greyson Chance on her show again.  This time he performed one of his original songs, “Broken Hearts”.  As good as his Paparazzi performance was (and it was good), I like his original songs better.   In addition, Ellen, who has been getting more involved in music, has started a new record label, eleveneleven, because of Greyson and signed him as her first client.

I like this story because Greyson had no intention of doing any of this, it seems.  His video was posted from a school talent show.  Ellen is making good things happen for him!  In addition, Greyson won her $10,000 found on the internet prize AND Yamaha is giving him a piano.  Madonna’s manager and Lady Gaga’s manager have signed on to manage Greyson.  How cool!


Yesterday, my blog surpassed 1,111 views.  I’m pretty happy about that.  I want to thank everyone who has looked at my blog and/or supported what I am doing.

Perhaps you have heard that if you make a wish when the time is all the same number (e.g. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.) that the wish will come true?  I do not know that to be true, but I figure that it cannot hurt to try.  One of my friends like to say that is that were the case, then 11:11 would be the luckiest time/number there is.  Hopefully then, this is a good sign for my blog.

New Aquatics Structure

Those of us who attended summer camp at the S-F Scout Ranch likely remember the aquatics tower in each camp.  These structures were built to watch for lightning across Nims Lake while providing a storage location for aquatics equipment.  For the camp staff, these structures served as a place to store merit badge cards, change into swim trunks/Scout uniform, and a location for commemorating past aquatics staffs in the form of buddy tags and signing the tower.

As cool as the aquatics towers were, they were falling apart, needing repair, and no longer providing as much space as necessarily.  Several storms have gone through the S-F Scout Ranch in the past year or so and while they created a lot of damage, they did not knock over the aquatics towers – which could easily have been a possibility.  So since insurance wasn’t paying for a change, it had to wait for the capital campaign.  Now, for this summer, new structures have been built.  They include covered pavilions and a lockable storage shed.

Two pictures below are of the just complete structures at Camp Famous Eagle, before summer camp and before the Aquatics Area was fully setup:

New Aquatics Structure at Camp Famous Eagle, S-F Scout Ranch - Credit: Ben Luedloff

New Aquatics Structure at Camp Famous Eagle, S-F Scout Ranch - Credit: Ben Luedloff