My Undergraduate Thesis

I am finally done!  I have completed my undergraduate thesis!  Since March 2009 I have been learning research methods, developing a topic, researching, reading, writing, refining, editing, changing, thesising, etc.  After countless hours of work (and at least as many thinking about/complaining about the work I needed to do), I am done.  64 pages / 18,357 words later I am happy with my work.

Topic: The Rising Influence of Segmented and Fractionalized Communities in Israel

Thesis Completed for:

Advisor: Jonathan Adelman, Professor of International Studies

If you are interested, click here to read my thesis.

Update: May 3, 2010: I’ve turned in my thesis and my Advisor has given me an A.

A Cross on Public Land

I am a huge fan of the separation of church and state.  I strongly believe that religion and government should be and need to be separate.  It is the only way for a government to truly represent all of its citizens.  I understand that the United States was founded on Christian ideals, but that does not mean that Christianity should receive preferential treatment over any other religion or over non-religion.

Even the phrase “separation of church and state” gives preference to one religion over others.  How ironic…

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that a cross in a national park was not a government endorsement of religion.  I disagree.  Of course, the vote was along “partisan lines”.  This should, of course, not even be a piece of commentary when referring to the Supreme Court.  Nevertheless, it seems as though Democrats have a more strict definition of the separation of church and state.  Regardless, I wonder if the court’s decision would have been different if the cross in question was not a memorial to veterans…