Update to Doggie Tale #2: The Missing Pup

In case you were wondering/worried:

The lost dog that showed up to Build-A-Bear has made his way home!  Lenny (that’s his name) was identified from the Craig’s List post (good thing that is there).  After spending part of the weekend with a Build-A-Bear employee, Lenny has been reunited with his owner.

I guess he missed out on Build-A-Bear day at Busch Stadium (seeing the St. Louis Cardinals!).  That was Sunday and was a great game.

I Got A New Computer

I have not posted anything recently.  Life has been super crazy busy with work and friends and family in town visiting.  In addition, I just bought a new computer!  Which is great!

I will have to post more about the computer later – but for now, just know that it is a 13″ MacBook Pro.  I bit the bullet.  I paid more.  I “made the switch”.  We shall see what I think, but so far I like it a lot. I will try to post more about this at some point once life slows down (haha).

Also of note: I bought the computer at MicroCenter.  Highly recommended.