What A Beautiful Day (After Friday)

Denver is amazing today!  It is truly beautiful – sunny blue skies with a nice breeze.  Earlier, I saw that it was 86 degrees.  Yes, 86!  I finally broke out the shorts and sandals and man was it great!  Aylee, my roommate, and I went for a walk this afternoon around Washington Park and Cherry Creek.  It was the first time I’ve actually been to Washington Park.  Apparently, after being in Denver for almost five years that is a crime or something like that.  I’m glad I no longer have that to worry about.  It’s a really nice park and it was packed today.  We had a good walk and good conversation.

Now, I know today is Saturday, but apparently Friday is the day to be excited about.  I found that out from Rebecca Black, who if you did not know, is a 13 year old who has a music video on YouTube that has gone viral.   The song is not exactly what you would call good, but it is pretty amusing and, unfortunately, really catchy:

That video has almost 78 million views!  Now that you have watched the original video, you will need to watch a cover.  Try to follow this: Stephen Colbert auctioned off a portrait of himself and said that Jimmy Fallon would match the $26,000 donation to DonorsChoose.org.  That was pretty cool!  Except apparently Jimmy Fallon had never said that, so he told his audience that if they could raise $26,000 then Stephen Colbert would come on his show and sing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song.  But Stephen Colbert never agreed.  However, since Jimmy Fallon got the money raised, Stephen Colbert went on the show and sang.  It is hilarious.  Check it out:

What’s a Reince Priebus?

Well, Michael Steele is out as chair of the Republican Party.  This is big news because after just one term as RNC chair (one that included a number of disappointments for the Republican Party), he is being replaced by someone who it seems most people have never heard of – Reince Priebus.

Check out this hilarious video from The Colbert Report.  According to Steven Colbert, “hopefully, Reince Priebus will run with Senator Saxby Chambliss as part of the Chambliss/Priebus ticket.”

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