Long Time No Post

It has been quite some time since I’ve really been blogging. I realize that I’ve been slacking on this lately. I’m hoping to be better about blogging again. Life has been crazy busy – work has been going very well, but has also been extremely busy (read late nights) with what is basically 100% travel. I’ve traveled a few weekends and other weekends have been packed with things to do and people to see. Hopefully, life will be slowing down a bit soon and I will do a better job of posting on here more regularly.

In the meantime, here are some highlights of the past month or so:

  • I have now been to every corner of Louisiana and most everywhere in between too
  • I celebrated Mardi Gras (though not in New Orleans)
  • I went to St. Petersburg, Florida for a long weekend
  • I went to Denver for DU’s Winter Carnival and had a great time with friends. I also went skiing with my brother 🙂
  • I’ve decided that I finally need to start going to events in St. Louis with the Jewish Federation’s Young Professional Division, Moishe House, and Next Dor
  • I saw Louis Black at the Peabody Opera House (worth mentioning the location on its own merit)
  • I went to Centene’s Annual Success Party at the St. Louis Club. It was impressive.
  • I was sick for about a week/week and a half – now I have remnants in the form of allergies/sinuses
  • I went to the New Horizons Order of the Arrow Chapter Banquet. We launched our new website (I’m the advisor).
  • I’m doing more work with Hillel of Colorado on their website
  • I saw a St. Louis University Billikens game
  • I’ve had a few family events
  • I did Ammi Hyde interviews for the University of Denver
  • I’ve been with Centene for more than six months now
So, here’s looking towards March – and can you believe it is almost here already?