Random Questions/Thoughts On My Mind

It is May.  Why is it in the 30s/40s in Denver?  Why is it snowing in Denver?  It should be the end of Spring/beginning of Summer!

Someone in my class just opened a can in class.  My professor said “I hope that was a beer.”  Was she serious?

My apartment building, Asbury Green, is new (as of this past fall).  My biggest frustration may be the lobby elevator.  It is super slow.  You can wait forever for the elevator to stop at your floor.  And because you have to wait the elevator often stops at every floor.  The cycle continues.  Because of this, I often walk down the stairs when leaving my third floor apartment.  It’s faster and I guess healthier.  The stairwell used to smell great – like clean, like new carpet, like fresh paint.  Now it smells gross.  Maybe moldy?  I think it smells like gross, dirty, wet, dogs.  And I love dogs.  What happened?