Yom HaShoah – Never Again?

Never Again! I helped start a group by that name at the University of Denver – focusing on Holocaust and genocide awareness and action. And because the Holocaust is tied to other genocides and awareness isn’t enough. Action is also needed. Yet, more needs to be done. Because genocide and the Holocaust are now terms that have been perverted to fit the use of so many who are looking to add a little drama, or a little extra “oomph,” to their cause. But that’s exactly it – they do not add to a cause – they are the cause. They are the cause because nothing should ever happen like this. And nothing like this should ever happen again and again.

So, learn what’s happening around the world. I know I was well informed about genocide. But then I got busy. Well, other people got busy too – killing entire groups of people because of who they are. I challenge myself and everyone else to do more, to do better. Because “Never Again” seems to have just become “Again” – and that should Never happen.

Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day.


About Joel Portman
Network Builder. Diversity and Inclusion Advocate. Social Media Enthusiast. Lover of family, friends, the outdoors, travel, and learning. I have experience working in the healthcare, education, diversity/inclusion, retail, and non-profit industries with organizations ranging in size from five people to Fortune 500. I am an MBA graduate of the University of Denver.

One Response to Yom HaShoah – Never Again?

  1. Sam White says:

    NEVER AGAIN! I wish this sort of active rememberance happened everywhere. I went to an event yesterday put on by “Never Again” in which a holocaust survivor spoke of the horrible things that he went through. I was so touched, and don’t understand how anyone can possibly deny that this terrible event happened. That being said, thank you for starting this group on campus, and I think that we should all work together in the world to make sure it NEVER EVER happens again.

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