Several Firsts

The past week has included a number of “firsts” for me.  Here are some of them:

  • My first time traveling for 5 days instead of 4
  • My first time initiating a custom contract
  • My first time eating a meal that cost more than $50
  • My first time going to Taste of St. Louis – which was pretty awesome
  • My first time to watch Glee the same week the episode aired  – I’m finally caught up
  • My first time going to IHOP after midnight
  • My first time receiving a new credit card (after the first one I had)
  • My first time going to Castlewood State Park in recent memory – and going hiking
Coming up this week:
  • My first time working in the office for more than one day since my first week of work
  • My first time to (remember) seeing The Lion King in theaters – one of my favorite movies ever
  • My first Rosh HaShanah in St. Louis in five years
Let’s see what else happens…