Today’s Horoscope

I know, I know – horoscopes aren’t real.  I don’t actually put much stock in them (if at all).  Nevertheless, my horoscope (Sagittarius) does show up on my iGoogle homepage.  And today’s horoscope is incredibly accurate/a good call to action:

This may be a back-to-work day, but you still want to have your share of fun. Unfortunately, previous obligations will force you to reconsider your plans. You may not be very happy when you realize that a social event must go on without your attendance. Although you may be tempted, blaming others is not a sensible strategy to get what you want. This situation is a test of your maturity, so accept the current circumstances and rise to the challenge.

About Joel Portman
Network Builder. Diversity and Inclusion Advocate. Social Media Enthusiast. Lover of family, friends, the outdoors, travel, and learning. I have experience working in the healthcare, education, diversity/inclusion, retail, and non-profit industries with organizations ranging in size from five people to Fortune 500. I am an MBA graduate of the University of Denver.

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