Leadership Lessons

As part of my MBA program, I am taking a class called Profiles in Leadership in which we have a high level business, non-profit, or education leader share their story and leadership lessons with our class.  Today, Bob Grant was our speaker.  I found him to be incredibly real and inspirational.  He has an amazing personal story.

The following are some of the notes that I took from his presentation to our class:

  • You do not manage people – you manage outcomes
  • Servant leadership = higher purpose
  • Leaders who humiliate are not leaders
  • Tactical (things you do to accomplish tasks) versus strategic (big picture, what you do to create growth)
  • Feedback is a learning opportunity
  • Challenge people to do more than they think they can: people grow and change
  • Remember the big picture but focus on the steps
  • Leadership is the right thing in the right way for the right reasons
  • Loudness does not equal effectiveness
  • Success = family/happiness, happy co-workers
    • You do not get this, you earn it
  • success = helping people have meaning in their lives
    • Not all about you
  • Crises do not create leaders, they reveal them
  • Learn what you are not good at
  • When moving from a company: are you leaving something or going to something?
    • Create value
    • The Scout way: leave it better off than you found it
  • The unfortunate part of getting promoted is that you get further and further away from where the work actually takes place
  • Balance community and efficiency
    • process-oriented: measurable, repeatable, scalable processes
  • Concentrate communication on individuals, not the group
  • Make one-on-one, personal connections
  • Can have a bigger impact in a small company
  • Don’t think you can earn leadership – have it or not
    • But you can be granted authority
  • Part of my job is to make my boss a success
    • Have to understand boss’ goals/evaluation
  • Looking for: coachable, willingness to be part of a team, humility, contribute to others
  • In a turnaround, companies:
    • Spend money they should not
    • Have something missing from the leadership team
    • Have the wrong focus
  • You cannot separate you personal, professional, public, private lives.  You are always the same person and what you do in one area of your life affects you everywhere.
  • Integrity: ends do not always justify the means

I hope we can all learn from Bob Grant.