DU USG Elections

It’s time for University of Denver Undergraduate Student Government elections!  What a fun time.

I support Jim Francescon and Felipe Diaz for President & Vice President. Want to know why? Just ask.

Check out their platform: www.fordenver.org

More on this later…

Goldman Sachs/SEC/Congress

Just a quick note: I would prefer if Congress would focus on things other than spending days lambasting Goldman Sachs.  If they did something illegal, then hold them accountable.  Otherwise, fix the laws.  Goldman Sachs may have done something you don’t like, but that’s not illegal.  If they found ways around road blocks and they made money then good for them.  It may suck for the consumer, but then the government should fix the problems.  That would be productive and useful to the U.S. citizens the government is supposed to represent.

Apple Guide

The first computer I had was a Macintosh LC that we got from my aunt.  That was an exciting computer back then.  Apple has changed a lot.  I do not currently own any Apple products other than my iPod, although I am often told that it would be better if I did.

I am considering buying a new computer soon as my current computer is going to be four years old soon.  I’d love to get an Apple (if the rumors of better reliability and customer service are true) that could run Windows or my Windows-esque programs.  Unfortunately, the good Apple computers cost so much.

And I have yet to find a way to convince myself that the iPad could be useful to me.

If I did own more Apple products, the following would be useful (it is amusing either way):