Ben Folds: I Thought I Knew

Every once in a while I get a song stuck in my head.  One day this past week, I listened to three Ben Folds albums while working on my thesis.  The song “You Don’t Know Me” (featuring Regina Spektor) is now stuck in my head.  It has been for several days now.  Some say that listening to the song again will make it go away.  It did not.  I then looked the song up on Wikipedia and saw that it is supposed to have a cool music video.

I decided to look up the music video.  At first, I found this video on YouTube:

It’s pretty cool, but I found out it is not the official music video.  The official video was taken down to to copyright issues.  Of course.  Still, for an unofficial video, it has almost 800,000 views.   That’s impressive.

After a lot of searching (because the song is still in my head), I found the official video on Vimeo:

There are all kinds of metaphors and hidden meanings in this.  It’s kind of crazy – and much deeper than I had thought.

About Joel Portman
Network Builder. Diversity and Inclusion Advocate. Social Media Enthusiast. Lover of family, friends, the outdoors, travel, and learning. I have experience working in the healthcare, education, diversity/inclusion, retail, and non-profit industries with organizations ranging in size from five people to Fortune 500. I am an MBA graduate of the University of Denver.

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