The Supreme Court

I try to stay up to date with current events.  As much as the news can be biased (even though most sources claim to be “objective”) and as much as the news can make me angry, it is important to understand the news to effectively interact with society.

Every time a Supreme Court Justice retires, the whole country seems to focus on the Supreme Court.  It seems as though interest in the U.S. Government can only exist when conflict is looming or ongoing.  Regardless of one’s political beliefs, any true believer in democracy and a system of checks and balances should support a President choosing a Supreme Court nominee based purely on qualifications, not based on the current congressional political situation.

Hopefully, our government can one day function as it should.  In the meantime, the public should educate ourselves on what the Supreme Court is doing.  The Wall Street Journal has put together a great page about Supreme Court cases this term.  While I do not necessarily always agree with the politics of the Wall Street Journal, they did a good job here.

Informed citizens are better citizens.  Even if we disagree, we can do so intelligently.