Religion Cannot Be Used to Spew Hate

The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Denver for three days.

These people spew hate and use religion to justify their utter contempt, non-understanding, and violent decrees for other people.  With a website called “God Hates Fags“, it is clear that they focus on propaganda and not religion or religious principles.

I support freedom of religion but not the freedom to call hatred religion, especially not any derivative of a major world religion, as the Westboro Baptist Church claims.  They say they are “old school Baptists”.  The Bible has always said to love your neighbor as yourself.  That has not changed.

The Westboro Baptists Church has published a picket schedule that includes where they will be on their visit to Denver and their reasoning.  It is full of hate and lies and is difficult to read at times.

Many Denver groups are planning counter-protest.  The Anti-Defamation League has published a guide for dealing with the Westboro Baptist Church and recommends not directly engaging them.  This hate group is looking for attention.

I do not know if I will counter-protest.  They may not be worth my time.

About Joel Portman
Network Builder. Diversity and Inclusion Advocate. Social Media Enthusiast. Lover of family, friends, the outdoors, travel, and learning. I have experience working in the healthcare, education, diversity/inclusion, retail, and non-profit industries with organizations ranging in size from five people to Fortune 500. I am an MBA graduate of the University of Denver.

3 Responses to Religion Cannot Be Used to Spew Hate

  1. internet elias says:

    JOEL, I was not familiar with the people of Westboro until your post. I read the picket schedule. The leaders and the participants of this hate group is typical of the deceiver attempting to pass himself off as a ‘christian’. Actual Christians would not participate in such anti-scripture activity. I’m saddened by it. I can’t image how God must feel to see such apostasy.
    And, as we know, God is not the accuser…Lucifer is the accuser. These people are not out to ‘win’ anyone to God. They have another very obvious agenda. The agenda is powered by the ‘deceiver’ and is intended to spread deceptions concerning the true nature of God.

    Carolyn /

  2. internet elias says:

    Joel…since I encountered your site earlier…I’ve been viewing on-line the Westboro postings…and so forth. God alone can stop the mouth of these evil people. I am lifting them up to God and asking ‘thy will be done.


  3. joelportman says:

    I certainly agree. Thank you for your thoughts.

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